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An education platform for impact leaders to level up and take action

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About Us

An impact education platform made for change makers like you 

Your career in sustainable finance starts today

The NIS Platform

We make sustainable finance careers happen.


"The people behind NIS are some of the earliest pioneers in the Sustainable Finance industry. From values-based portfolio realignment to attaining financial performance and reporting, they have set the standards in Asia for this new brand of investing. Am so glad that they are now making their wisdom available to all that are interested in getting into Sustainable Financing."

Joan Low

Founder & CEO of ThoughtFull, a Southeast-Asia based digital mental health startup


Our Video Series

The Pivoters

Be inspired by other professionals who've built successful careers in sustainability and impact. Hear from them on how they did it, the skills you need to be successful in a sustainability focused career and how you can get that light bulb moment. 

Our Video Series

The Essence

We host a video series on impact leaders and change makers. Learn what makes them tick and what they're thinking about in the world of creating impact, in their own words. Hosted by SFi Managing Partner, Katy Yung.


Level up your career today. 

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