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Introduction to Energy Transition in APAC

Get to grips with the energy transition space in APAC with the ultimate primer. We go through the landscape, challenges, opportunities and the players in this important thematic.


Course Duration

45 minutes




2-3 hours
Self paced learning online

Module Breakdown

Topic 1: Introduction to the course & your instructor

Topic 2: Energy Transition Across APAC
Misconceptions about energy transition
APAC Energy Demands
Investing in APAC
Energy Drivers in APAC and The West

Topic 3: Drivers of Transition in APAC
Five Drivers of Energy Transition
Infrastructure in APAC

Topic 4: Key Players in Energy Transition
Key Players
Investment Opportunities

Topic 5: Supporting Transition Opportunities
Positioning Yourself and Your Company

​Topic 6: Summary
Key Takeaways

Case Studies/Features of Different Investor Perspectives
Climate Smart Ventures
Sentient Impact Group

Course Instructor/s

The design of this online certificate course is led by the Sustainable Finance Initiative who, together with industry experts, will share relevant professional experience and in-depth subject knowledge with you throughout the course. 

Guest Speakers

Introduction to Energy Transition in APAC

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