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Learn from change makers making waves in Asia and beyond on The Essence.

This month on The Essence, Katy Yung, Managing Partner of the Sustainable Finance Initiative sits down with Founder of Sustainalytics, Michael Jantzi. Sustainalytics is an ESG data and research platform serving large institutions and corporations. Hear this ESG data and research founder and veteran talk about ESG and making an impact in your own career. Learn more about Sustainalytics HERE
Episode 07//: Michael Jantzi, Founder of Sustainalytics
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Episode 07//: Yuni Choi, Director of Investments, RS Group Asia

Chart your own career journey in sustainable finance- learn how these individuals did it. 

In this month's The Pivoters, we asked Yuni Choi, Director of Investments, RS Group Asia, to talk about her career pivot from traditional finance to sustainable finance. Yuni's top tip: leverage your network! Hear how she did it, in her own words.

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