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Building Sustainable Portfolios for Family Offices

This course provides you with a fundamental understanding of how to build a sustainable portfolio for a family office. We take you through the process, run through a case study and provide you with an opportunity to exercise your new learning through an interactive livestreamed session.


Course Duration

90 mins On-demand video lessons Part 1: 30 mins, Part 2: 60 minutes




3-4 hours
Self paced learning online

Module Breakdown

In this 2-part hybrid learning series, you'll learn the following:

On-demand video lesson:

This course is divided into 4 main Topic areas:

Topic 1: Context: Asian Asset Owner Mindsets and Structures

Topic 2: Spectrum of capital

Topic 3: 4 Common approaches of starting sustainable portfolios.

Topic 4: Case Study: RS Group
There will be a quiz to complete after the course video.

Part 2:

This second part of the course features practical exercises to put your new skills into practice.

We'll walk you through the Top 10 questions one should be asking in kickstarting a principal's sustainable investing journey and demonstrate how the findings will play a role in defining investment parameters. Your instructors will go through real-life case studies. You'll then have the opportunity to select a portfolio for an investor based on sample profiles.

Please note: the previous Livestreamed portion of the course has been converted to an on-demand video lesson for greater access and convenience.

Course Instructor/s

The design of this online certificate course is led by the Sustainable Finance Initiative who, together with industry experts, will share relevant professional experience and in-depth subject knowledge with you throughout the course. 

Building Sustainable Portfolios for Family Offices

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