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Sustainable Finance Career Mentoring Session

Join our coaching program for mid-level professionals seeking a career pivot into sustainable finance and impact investing. Gain practical tips and a transformative mindset to propel your career.

“One conversation can change your career”


Course Duration

1 hour




1-2 hrs self paced reflection

Module Breakdown

A unique opportunity to have a confidential straight-talking mentoring session with 3 seasoned sustainable finance professional and impact investors. They’ll deep dive into your strengths and ambitions and give you the most relevant sign posting and advice about how to achieve your goals.

Discover new opportunities, transition smoothly to your desired sustainable finance career, and align your work vision, life vision, and mindset. Leverage your strengths and craft your narrative.

Break the Plateau: Take your career to new heights with our Mentoring Program. Package Includes:
One 15-minute 1:1 coaching session
One 45-minute group coaching session
Access to exclusive digital resources and courses, including an introduction to ESG and sustainable portfolio building

Who Is Sustainable Finance Coaching For?
- Professionals seeking to create more impact through their work
- Individuals feeling stuck and uncertain about the next step in their career journey
- Individuals considering a career pivot into Sustainable Finance or Impact Investing.

Embark on your sustainable finance career journey with Sustainable Career Pivoters and unlock your potential for success and impact.

Course Instructor/s

The design of this online certificate course is led by the Sustainable Finance Initiative who, together with industry experts, will share relevant professional experience and in-depth subject knowledge with you throughout the course. 

Sustainable Finance Career Mentoring Session

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