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Introduction to Food & Agriculture

Learn about the landscape, the challenges, players and  opportunities in the food and agriculture  space,  all with an Asia lens.

This Course is For:

Private Wealth

Private wealth managers and advisors- especially those covering NextGen clients

Family Offices

Family office CIOs   and investment teams as well as Principals who want to learn more.

Finance Professionals

Financial professionals interested to pivot their careers.


Those who want to understand the basics of sustainable finance from an investor's perspective.

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Topic 1: Introduction to the course & your instructor

Topic 2: The Importance of Food & Agriculture in Asia

  1. Why Food & Agriculture?

  2. Investing with a Broad Scope

  3. Macro drivers

  4. Challenges of Investing in Good & Agriculture

Topic 3: Food & Ag in Asia: An Asian Perspective

  1. Asia perspective of risks and opportunities

  2. Funding Gaps in Asia

  3. What the experts say

Topic 4: Segmentation & Supply Chains

  1. Thematic segmentation of food & agriculture

  2. Examples of food & ag companies across the supply chain

  3. Greenwashing Regulation

Topic 5: Investing in Food & Agriculture

  1. Framing for investors: what issues do you want to address?

  2. Asset classes

  3. Return horizons

  4. Investment takeaways

  5. Who is invested in Asia

Topic 6: Resources & Key Takeaways

  1. Key resources to get started

  2. Summary

Case Study

  1. BRINC Food Accelerator

Mode of Learning

On-demand  video 


45 minutes

Your Instructor

Erika Susanto

Erika is the Director of ESG Research & Data at the FAIRR Initiative. She is responsible for the strategic development and delivery of FAIRR’s full suite of investor research tools, including the Protein Producer Index and Climate Risk Tool.

Erika joined FAIRR in 2022 and brought her extensive experience in data-driven research and advisory in the financial services sector. She is passionate about impacting systemic change in the global food system through her expertise in quantitative analysis.

Erika came from Black Sun plc, U.K. corporate reporting firm, where she led a research team advising FTSE100 businesses on navigating the ESG reporting landscape and relevant data requirements. Before that, she was an ESG research analyst at Morgan Stanley.

A statistician by training, Erika started her career in the U.S. as a market research data analyst before moving to derivatives valuation at an investment bank. While in Hong Kong, she continued providing consultancy services to existing U.S. clients and expanded her advisory client base to include non-profit organisations.

Erika is currently based in London but has lived and worked in Boston, New York, and Hong Kong. She holds a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.A. from Harvard University, both in Statistics.

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Guest Speaker

Mattan Lurie Speaker Headshot_edited.png

Mattan Lurie

Senior Advisor


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Level up your career today.

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