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Introduction to Food & Agriculture

Learn about the landscape, the challenges, players and opportunities in the food and agriculture space, all with an Asia lens.


Course Duration

45 minutes




2-3 hours
Self paced learning online

Module Breakdown

Topic 1: Introduction to the course & your instructor

​Topic 2: The Importance of Food & Agriculture in Asia
Why Food & Agriculture?
Investing with a Broad Scope
Macro drivers
Challenges of Investing in Good & Agriculture

Topic 3: Food & Ag in Asia: An Asian Perspective
Asia perspective of risks and opportunities
Funding Gaps in Asia
What the experts say

Topic 4: Segmentation & Supply Chains
Thematic segmentation of food & agriculture
Examples of food & ag companies across the supply chain
Greenwashing Regulation

​Topic 5: Investing in Food & Agriculture
Framing for investors: what issues do you want to address?
Asset classes
Return horizons
Investment takeaways
Who is invested in Asia

Topic 6: Resources & Key Takeaways
Key resources to get started

Case Study
BRINC Food Accelerator

Course Instructor/s

The design of this online certificate course is led by the Sustainable Finance Initiative who, together with industry experts, will share relevant professional experience and in-depth subject knowledge with you throughout the course. 

Guest Speakers

Introduction to Food & Agriculture

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