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Building Sustainable Portfolios for Family Offices

Learn about the basics of building sustainable portfolios for family offices. This course teaches you the frameworks and provides practical case studies and exercises to put your learning into practice.

This Course is For:

Private Wealth

Private wealth managers and advisors- especially those covering NextGen clients

Family Offices

Family office CIOs     and investment teams as well as Principals who want to learn more.

Finance Professionals

Financial professionals interested to pivot their careers.


Those who want to understand the basics of sustainable finance from an investor's perspective.


This course provides you with a fundamental understanding of how to build a sustainable portfolio for a family office. We take you through the process, run through a case study and provide you with an opportunity to exercise your new learning through an interactive livestreamed session.

In this 2-part hybrid learning series, you'll learn the following:

On-demand video lesson:

This course is divided into 4 main Topic areas:

Topic 1: Context: Asian Asset Owner Mindsets and Structures 

Topic 2: Spectrum of capital

Topic 3: 4 Common approaches of starting sustainable portfolios.

Topic 4: Case Study: RS Group


There will be a quiz to complete after the course video.

Part 2:

This second part of the course features practical exercises to put your new skills into practice. 

We'll walk you through the Top 10 questions one should be asking in kickstarting a principal's sustainable investing journey and demonstrate how the findings will play a role in defining investment parameters. Your instructors will go through real-life case studies.  You'll then have the opportunity to select a portfolio for an investor based on sample profiles.

Mode of Learning

On-demand video 


90  mins On-demand video lessons  (Part 1: 30 mins ; Part 2: 60 minutes)

Please note: the previous Livestreamed portion of the course has been converted to an on-demand video lesson for greater access and convenience.

Your Instructors

Katy Yung

Katy is Managing Partner at HK-based Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFi), advising and supporting family offices and investors on their sustainable and impact journeys. 

Katy has served as Director of Investment at RS Group, a HK-based impact investor since 2010. She led the family office’s transition from a traditional investment portfolio to one that is 100% sustainably invested. In this role, she was actively involved in designing impact and climate change strategies and implementation across asset classes (utilizing both investment and philanthropic capital).  Katy remains as consultant to RS Group.

Katy is formerly an investment banker at J.P. Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) Limited and a member of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. She graduated from Duke University in North Carolina with a BA in Economics and a minor on Comparative Area Studies.

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Robert Kim

Robert is a Managing Director at JLIN LLC, a mission-driven firm established by a professional basketball player Jeremy Lin to empower marginalized communities.  We strive to create positive change through impact investing, philanthropy, content creation, and brand partnerships (across media, fashion, sports, consumer products and technology).  Robert's responsibility is to incubate an impact investing venture with a focus on education and financial inclusion for underserved communities in the U.S. and Asia.  Robert also oversees external partners for Jeremy Lin's family office.

Robert also currently serves on the Investment Committee at Access Ventures, a private operating foundation with a 100% impact investing mandate for the endowment.  Robert is an advisor to Sustainable Finance Initiative, a Hong Kong-based community of private investors with a mission to mobilize capital for positive impact and accelerate Asia’s transition towards a sustainable finance.


Prior to JLIN LLC, Robert managed a wide range of impact investing (including 100% impact mandate) and non-impact investing portfolios for families and foundations at Caprock, a founding B-Corp member and a $8B+ multi-family office based in Silicon Valley.  Robert also spent his early career years as a strategy consultant at Accenture in New York.  Robert has a MBA from University of Michigan and an undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University.  

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