How do your courses work?

Our courses were built with hybrid learning in mind. Depending on the course, they are either on-demand video courses, on-demand video courses paired with livestreamed/ in-person learning components, or fully in-person. If you purchase a course with an on-demand video course component, you can access this video for 1 year by signing into your account on newimpactsociety.com .


Is there homework involved?

Most of our courses require no prior preparation from your side, although it will depend on the course itself. If homework/course work is required, this will be clearly stated in the course description page before you decide to purchase the course so that you can assess if this is right for you.


Are the courses CPT-eligible? (Hong Kong)

Sustainable Finance Initiative is not an accredited CPT provider with the Hong Kong SFC. However, we believe that our course content can be counted as a CPT-eligible courses, subject to your organisation's internal compliance approvals process.


Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion issued by the Sustainable Finance Initiative. This is available online  for courses which are purely on-demand video courses. For courses which have livestreamed or in-person components, please email us at: info@sustainablefinance.hk . Please note: your certificate will include the name you provide at registration for your account on our platform, so please kindly use your full legal name to regsiter.


Do you accept refunds?

We do not accept any refunds at this time. However, if you are unsatisfied for any reason or need to discuss anything with us on this, please send us an email at: info@sustainablefinance.hk and we'll do our best to work with you!


If I have additional questions, how can I contact you?

We always want to hear from you! Please drop us a line at: info@sustainablefinance.hk