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SFi Asian Family Impact Summit Companion Course

This course is a companion course for all participating in Day 2 (May 25) of the SFi Asian Family Impact Summit. We provide helpful course excerpts to help you better understand the topics and a handy Summit Companion Workbook to help you get the most of your Summit experience! This course is FREE for Summit participants. Coupon code to access is provided via email and during the Summit.

This Course is For:

Private Wealth

Private wealth managers and advisors- especially those covering NextGen clients

Family Offices

Family office CIOs     and investment teams as well as Principals who want to learn more.

Finance Professionals

Financial professionals interested to pivot their careers.


Those who want to understand the basics of sustainable finance from an investor's perspective.

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Topic 1

Welcome to the Summit and the Course!



  1. Your Summit Companion Workbook


Topic 2: Track A: Impact Investing, Strategy & Design

  1. Track A1: How to Compare Sustainable Investing Strategies

    • Introduction to Impact Investing Course Excerpt: What is impact and impact investing?​

    • Introduction to Impact Investing Course Excerpt: Size of the Impact Investing Market.

  2. Track A2: How to Design Community-Centered Pilots​

    • Introduction to Impact Investing Course Excerpt: Case Study: Global Development Incubator​


Topic 3: Track B: Impact Investing, Governance & Measurement

  1. Track B1: How to Design Family Office Governance & Impact

    • Building Sustainable Portfolios Course Excerpt: Asian Wealth Owners' Mindsets​

    • Introduction to Impact Investing Course Excerpt: Case Study: District Capital

  2. Track B2: How to Strategise Impact Measurement & Management​

    • Introduction to ESG Course Excerpt: Case Study: Arisaig Partners​

Mode of Learning

On-demand  video 


15-20 minutes

Level up your career today.

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