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Introduction to Energy Transition in APAC

Get to grips with the energy transition space in APAC with the ultimate primer. We go through the landscape, challenges, opportunities and the players in this important thematic.

This Course is For:

Private Wealth

Private wealth managers and advisors- especially those covering NextGen clients

Family Offices

Family office CIOs     and investment teams as well as Principals who want to learn more.

Finance Professionals

Financial professionals interested to pivot their careers.


Those who want to understand the basics of sustainable finance from an investor's perspective.


Topic 1: Introduction to the course & your instructor

Topic 2: Energy Transition Across APAC

  • Misconceptions about energy transition

  • APAC Energy Demands

  • Investing in APAC

  • Energy Drivers in APAC and The West

Topic 3: Drivers of Transition in APAC

  • Five Drivers of Energy Transition

  • Infrastructure in APAC

Topic 4: Key Players in Energy Transition

  • Key Players

  • Investment Opportunities

  • China

Topic 5: Supporting Transition Opportunities

  • Positioning Yourself and Your Company

Topic 6: Summary 

  • Key Takeaways

Case Studies/Features of Different Investor Perspectives

  • Climate Smart Ventures

  • Sentient Impact Group

Mode of Learning

On-demand  video 


45 minutes

Your Instructor

Ines Galichon

Inès joined Enea in 2013 as a consultant in the field of environmental and social performance. She now heads the Hong Kong office, and leads the development of Enea in the financial sector (banks, funds).


Inès has worked on forward-looking studies, commercial & sustainable development strategies, innovation roadmaps, impact management methodologies, sustainable products and services development and provided support to entrepreneurs.


During the course of her consulting assignments at Enea, Inès has managed projects for utilities, industrial players, public and private investors. Inès has also worked with several entrepreneurs to define their growth strategy, including in Sub-Saharan African and India.

Since her arrival at Enea, Inès has developed expertise on environmental and societal differentiation strategies, green and sustainable finance, impact management, and energy access. With her academic background and her experience at Enea, Inès has acquired hybrid skills combining policy/regulation, business and finance components in the energy sector and climate transition.

She previously worked in a consulting firm in Chile where she was involved in the development of societal acceptance and commitment strategies for energy and mining projects, to the intention of local stakeholders (mainly the indigenous communities).

Inès graduated with a Masters Degree in Public Affairs from Sciences Po Paris, with a focus on energy and the climate. She also studied at the University of Chile. She speaks fluent English, French and Spanish.

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Guest Speakers

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Lawrence Ang

Managing Partner,

Climate Smart Ventures

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NIS Website Graphics (36)_edited.png

Lane Crockett

Executive Director,

Clean Energy Solutions

Sentient Impact Group


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