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Learn from change makers making waves in Asia and beyond on The Essence.

This month on The Essence, Christine Yu, Head of Innovation for SFi catches up with Krie Lopez, a veteran in social innovation and entrepreneurship. She founded Messy Bessy in 2007, an FMCG brand in the cleaning and personal care space in the Philippines which employs at-risk youth in its operations. Hear what she has to say about creating impact, combining social innovation with profit and purpose, and her thoughts on blazing a trail as a female founder. Learn more about Messy Bessy HERE
Episode 09//: Krie Lopez, Founder & CEO, Messy Bessy
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Episode 09//: Florence Cheng, Head of Impact Strategy, SVhk

Chart your own career journey in sustainable finance- learn how these individuals did it. 

On this edition of The Pivoters, SVhk's Florence Cheng talks about her journey into social innovation from a management consulting career. Hear how she did it and the skills she thinks are important to succeed in this space!

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