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Introduction to ESG

Learn about the landscape, the challenges and opportunities in ESG investing. We take you through the spectrum of ESG investing, cover issues like greenwashing and touch on the regulatory developments in the space.


HKD 650

Course Duration

60 minutes




3-4 hours
Self paced learning online

Module Breakdown

Topic 1 : Introduction to the course & your instructors 

Topic 2: ESG Investing Fundamentals The Growth of ESG Approaches to ESG Performance & Ratings of ESG Investments 

Topic 3: ESG Integration in Detail ESG Integration Overview Materiality Security & Portfolio Analysis Challenges & The Investment Decision 

Topic 4: Greenwashing Greenwashing in ESG Vague, Deceptive & Untrue Claims Greenwashing Regulation 

Topic 5: Summary Key Takeaways Case Studies/Features of Different Investor Perspectives Arisaig Partners BNP Paribas Asset Management

Course Convenor

The design of this online certificate course is led by the Sustainable Finance Initiative who, together with industry experts, will share relevant professional experience and in-depth subject knowledge with you throughout the course. 

Guest Speakers

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